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Gutter Helmet is a patented gutter protection system that is installed over gutters to keep debris out while still allowing rainwater to flow through freely. It protects the home from the destructive effects of built-up rainwater and clogged gutters while keeping homeowners from the danger of climbing ladders.

Best of all, Gutter Helmet ensures that homeowners will never have to clean gutters again and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Below, please find answers to the most common questions asked about Gutter Helmet.

What is the Science Behind Gutter Helmet?

Gutter Helmet utilizes the principle of surface tension. An example of surface tension is when a glass is held under a running faucet and the water overflows down the outside of the glass. Similarly, water running off a roof attaches to the Gutter Helmet allowing it to flow into the gutters while keeping debris out.

What are the Benefits of Gutter Helmet?

By ensuring that leaves, needles, dirt, debris, animals, birds, and insects stay out of gutters, Gutter Helmet prevents them from clogging or overflowing. This, in turn, keeps water from pooling and seeping in the fascia and eaves, preventing harmful mold, mildew, and rot.

Gutter Helmet also keeps rainwater away from a home’s foundation and landscaping. Most importantly, it keeps homeowners safely on the ground.

How Does Gutter Helmet Look on My Home?

Gutter Helmet’s surface texture and ribbed construction allow it to blend in visually and recede into the roofline. Additionally, there are many colors to choose from to match the color of the home.

How Much Does Gutter Helmet Cost?

The cost of Helmet Gutter depends on a few factors, including the condition of the roof, the length of the gutters, the number of stories in the home, the number of corners in the home, and the potential need for any specialized equipment to complete the job. A free, no-obligation quote will give a better sense of the cost.

Will Gutter Helmet Affect My Roof Warranty?

The major roofing manufacturers have approved gutter Helmet and installation, and as such, will not affect your roof warranty.

Will Gutter Helmet Work on a Roof with a Steep Pitch?

Yes, our product is engineered to work on all roofing regardless of pitch.

How is Gutter Helmet Different from Other Products Out There?

Gutter Helmet’s patented design has no vertical openings that allow debris to settle or enter. Gravity causes debris to fall to the ground, while surface tension causes the water to flow around the cover and back into the gutters. Many types of other gutter products have levers, vertical slots, or other openings that still allow debris to enter.

How Strong is Gutter Helmet?

Gutter Helmet is the only system that installs reinforced heavy gauge brackets that support and strengthen the gutters. Additionally, the horizontal-rib design is engineered specifically for strength.

How Much Rain Can Gutter Helmet Handle?

Our product can handle up to 22-inches per hour of rain, which is twice as much as has ever been recorded by the US Weather Bureau.

What About Snow and Ice?

Gutter Helmet has been engineered to hold up under the heaviest of snowfalls. We’ve performed thousands of installations which are holding up beautifully in snowy states such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, etc.

As for ice, Gutter Helmet’s brackets are designed to withhold heavy loads, and a self-regulating heat cable can be installed to help reduce the chance of frost in gutters in geographical areas receiving heavy snow and ice.

Together, these answers provide a picture of the benefits of Gutter Helmet. You can help to ensure the longevity of your home and never have to clean your gutters again. Give us a call today for a free quote.


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