Ice Removal

Ice Removal Services for Homeowners in Frankfort, Northport, Cheboygan and Manistee areas

View of a snow and ice covered roofIf you’re searching for ice removal services for your home in Northern Michigan, turn to the experts at Rainbow Seamless Systems. We can quickly get to your home and melt the ice on your roof. Helping to prevent having to deal with costly problems such as leaks, flooding, and other issues that can result from ice dams. When it comes to performing an ice dam removal, no one does it quite like Rainbow Seamless Systems. Our state-of-the-art ice melting machine utilizes steam to quickly liquefy ice in a matter of minutes without risking any damage to the roof. With Rainbow Seamless Systems you will benefit from a safe and efficient solution.

At Rainbow Seamless Systems, not only do we have emergency ice removal services for local homeowners, but we can also provide other solutions to help prevent the formation of ice dams on your roof in the first place. For instance, we install heated gutter cables that run the entire roofline and can be easily switched on when conditions for the formation of ice threaten. These cables are also self-regulating to help conserve energy.

In addition to ice removal solutions, at Rainbow Seamless Systems we can also install:

Regardless of the home improvement project you require, you can trust our craftsmen to handle the job with meticulous workmanship and a close attention to detail. We never call the job finished until you are completely satisfied with the work we perform.

For more information about the ice removal solutions and other home improvements we can provide contact us today.

Removing Ice Melt From Gutters

Helmet Heat logo

The Long Term Solution

Northern Michigan is a wonderful place to live but those who have lived here during the winter season will tell you that snow and ice are a part of the norm. At Rainbow Seamless Systems we do a complete analysis on your home to help reduce all your ice problems. We look for a solution that will last, not just a quick fix.

Rainbow can install the latest in heat cables which go through your gutters and/or on your roof. We also look at the insulation and venting in your attic area to help create a complete approach to solving the problem.

Diagram of Hidden Heat cables in relation to the roof and gutterHidden Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that can be used for a wide variety of freeze protection applications. By installing Hidden Heat along with the Gutter Helmet System you can help protect your home from ice damage.

It is self-regulating which means as the temperature drops around the gutter heating cable, the cable responds by heating up. As the temperature rises, the cable conversely cools down. Ice or icicle formation along the eaves of your home may contribute to slippery steps and walkways. This potential safety hazard may be significantly reduced with the use of Hidden Heat.

Before Helmet Heat:
Before Helmet Heat photo, with ice and snow overhang on a roof

After Helmet Heat:
After Helmet Heat, with no snow or ice around the roof line and gutters

Rainbow Seamless employee using the ice removal machine on a snow and ice covered roof

The Fast Fix

We also have a state of the art ice melting machine which will steam the ice right off your roof in a matter of minutes with NO DAMAGE to your roof. This is a great solution to an immediate problem which may already exist on your roof.

We work all winter long!

Rainbow Seamless Systems proudly services Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Crawford, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, Manistee, Missaukee, Otsego, Roscommon, and Wexford Counties in Northwest Michigan. In the Eastern Upper Peninsula our service area includes Chippewa and Mackinac Counties.



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